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Willy Wonka would be jealous.

Thursday, July 10, 2008 by  
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Er, yesterday Lisa and I went a little crazy and purchased a ridiculous amount of candy for our nearly-completed theater lobby: (48) Snickers, (48) Peanut M&Ms, (32) Kit-Kats, (32) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, (200) Peppermint Patties, (32) Assorted nuts, (18) Sno Caps, (24) Goobers, (24) Junior Mints, (36) Raisinets and (24) Whoppers. I was seriously tempted to dive in and sample some of the chocolatey goodness, but I managed to resist the temptation and stuck to my planned diet. Somehow Lisa – who has a serious weakness when it comes to chocolate – also managed to stay out of the huge stash. I will allow myself one of these treats per week (along with popcorn) while I’m maintaining my body fat levels. Lisa and I plan to invite our neighbors, family and friends over for movies on a regular basis, so I’m sure all this candy will be devoured pretty quickly. Chocolate is great, but my big weakness is popcorn. I just love the stuff, and I have to make it just like it’s made in the theater: coconut oil, flavorcol and warm buttery topping. Not eating too much popcorn is going to be my biggest challenge.

Well, if you came here looking to get in shape and lose fat then you’re probably pretty irritated with me after reading that last paragraph. Sorry about that, but there’s a lesson here. Over the years I’ve become extremely good at not succombing to temptation (even when there’s junk food in the house), but most people find they are best served by getting rid of all junk food before starting a diet. When possible, I think that is very a sound idea: it’s a lot easier to resist temptation if you have to get dressed and go to the store to satisfy the craving. If you are feeling especially weak-willed then it’s very difficult to resist a tub of ice cream that’s sitting in the next room.

Those of you who live in homes with family members who don’t necessarily share your fat loss goals have an especially difficult time with this particular issue. The bottom line is that you’re going to have to fight off those temptations if your S.O. insists on having a freezer full of Chunky Monkey. I had to learn to deal with this issue because Lisa is very thin and can pretty much eat whatever she wants (and often does). I can still remember cooking her a pizza while my chicken breast was reheating. Remember to keep healthy snacks around, drink lots of water and stay 100% focused on your goals. The tougher the battle, the more satisfying the victory!

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