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Theater fun; Popcorn; Cheat meal today; Happy Birthday, Paul!

Sunday, July 13, 2008 by  
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As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, I spent most of yesterday playing around with authoring the pre-feature slideshow DVDs, hanging movie posters and getting the movie theater and lobby ready for today’s gathering. I put some new photos and video in my New Home Journal (upgraded forum membership is required). Today will be the first time we’ve had guests over to enjoy a movie in our new theater, and we’re all really looking forward to a fun day!

Yesterday Lisa and I popped our first batch of popcorn in the commercial popcorn machine we purchased for the theater lobby. It was just a small batch (we called it a “test run” 🙂 ) I only ate a few bites (saving my cheat meal for today), but the taste was out of this world – exactly like a movie theater. The best part was the smell: the entire lobby area and theater smelled just like a commercial movie theater. I can’t wait to start popping later today. I’m going to eat a metric ton of popcorn. :dreamy:

Assuming we don’t eat so much popcorn that we’re not hungry for dinner, after the movie I’ll be making everyone cheeseburgers on the grill and tossing back a couple drinks.

Tomorrow I’m allowed to resume cardio, and I plan to do three cardio sessions next week. A week from tomorrow I will be allowed to resume weight training, and that is what I’m really looking forward to. I just don’t feel right when I’m not lifting; it makes me feel lazy. There is at least one positive aspect to taking a few weeks off from lifting: all my nagging aches and pains are gone. Hopefully they will stay gone when I resume my training (I’m not holding my breath, though… man, I’m getting old!)

I’d also like to say “Happy Birthday!” to my brother, Paul. Wish I could be there or you could be here today, bro!

I’ve got to go eat breakfast and clean the house. Have an awesome Sunday!

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