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Bulking questions; Weekend plans; Theater Lobby (Phase 2) almost complete.

Friday, July 18, 2008 by  
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I’m so glad it’s Friday! Not only do I have another fun weekend planned, but on Monday I can resume weight training! I can not wait to get back in the gym – my muscles look flat and I feel out of shape.

I received a few questions about my upcoming bulk. Don’t worry – over the next couple of months I’ll be talking in great detail about every aspect of the bulk: my food logs, supplement intake and workouts will all be posted. I’ll be taking weekly measurements and body fat readings, and (of course) plenty of photographs and maybe a little video. I’m pretty excited about it!

Lisa’s Birthday is on Sunday, and she decided that she wants to go out to eat instead of our original plan of having steaks on the grill. Going out to eat sounds great to me! Right now Lisa’s leaning towards Mexican food, which I’m always in the mood for. So, of course I’ll be saving this week’s cheat meal for Lisa’s Birthday dinner, but I’ll also be having a cheat snack: popcorn and a soda (what else!) with a movie. We’re both very excited because Phase 2 of our home theater lobby will be completed today! Everything is really starting to come together now. There are already lots of new pictures along with detailed information in my New Home Journal (upgraded forum membership is required), but I’ll also be updating my public home theater page sometime this evening with lots of pictures, links and descriptions of the lobby. I put a preview image of the lobby on my home theater page this morning… 🙂

Lots to do today, so I’d better get rolling. Happy Friday!

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