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Fun weekend; Back to lifting today; Wireless media/lifting music.

Monday, July 21, 2008 by  
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I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! Lisa and I sure did. Lisa decided that she wanted Mexican food for her birthday meal, so we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a late lunch and gorged ourselves silly. We also went to the hardware store and picked up the paint for the library we’re working on. Lisa originally indicated that she wanted us to paint the library after lunch, but I was correct when I predicted in yesterday’s update that a couple of margaritas would change her mind about that. 🙂

Of course the big news for me today is that I can finally return to weight training! I’m beyond stoked to get in the gym and start training again – it’s been on my mind all weekend, and was the first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up. Today I’ll be training back and biceps. I have to keep it light and low volume for the first few weeks, but that’s OK. I think today I’m going to do deadlifts and wide-grip lat pulldowns, and maybe a third back exercise depending on how I’m feeling. For my biceps I’m going to keep it basic and do some straight barbell curls and some dumbbell hammer curls.

When I lived at my old house I had my 200-disc CD changer hooked up to the main stereo system in the family room. Whenever I worked out I’d just pick a CD and crank it up. In the new house I have the CD changer in my home theater’s A/V closet (which is upstairs), and so I’ve been listening to the digital music stations on the TV in the gym when I lift. While the TV was OK for listening to music, it’s just wasn’t the same. I really missed the ability to pick my own music, and I also pined for the fidelity and extreme bass that my stereo system provides. I’m one of those people who likes very loud music when I lift – it’s motivating to me. Anyway, awhile ago I bought an XBox 360, and now I find myself using the cool media features even more than the gaming features. I have the XBox on my wireless network, and that allows me to stream music, videos and pictures from any of my home computers onto the A/V system in the family room. This works out even better than having the CD changer downstairs, because I have WAY more music on my computer than I do on CD. So now I can stream all my favorite music wirelessly from my computer to my stereo system in the family room: I’ve got my lifting music back the way I like it! It’s also neat to be able to sit on the couch with family and friends and watch all the videos and pictures on my computer on the big HDTV. I’m very glad I bought that Xbox!

I’m going to go grab some breakfast and get the gym setup for this afternoon’s workout! See ya tomorrow…

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