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Solid workout; Cardio today; Another day of working from the bedroom.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 by  
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I enjoyed my chest/triceps workout yesterday. Even though I had to go light, I made the best of it by employing the same intensity techniques I used for Monday’s workout. I’m surprisingly sore this morning.

Today is a cardio only day. I’ve not yet decided if I want to do LISS cardio this morning, or crank out a HIIT session this afternoon. Right now I’m leaning towards the HIIT, as I’ve not done HIIT in awhile and I think my cardiovascular system could use the workout. I feel out of shape right now!

My diet has been perfectly on-point this week. Surprisingly all that chocolate and candy I have in the home theater lobby has not been a temptation at all, but I have to admit that I start drooling every time I walk past the popcorn machine.

It looks like another day of working from the bedroom on my laptop: since 7:00 this morning the builders have been using a crane to place the trusses on the two homes under construction across the street from my home office. Also, today they are pouring the sidewalk and driveway approach for the house that is under construction behind our home AND another neighbor of mine decided now would be a good time to have a pool installed. The noise from all this construction work and associated traffic would be comical if it weren’t so distracting. I’ll be so glad when all the construction around my house is finally completed.

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