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Yesterday’s workout; Delts/traps/calves today; Extra cardio; No cheat meals.

Friday, July 25, 2008 by  
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Despite the rather light weights used for yesterday’s leg workout, I was still able to make it quite challenging. I kept my rest intervals very brief (30-45 seconds) and did super slow reps with hard 2-second squeezes between the concentric & eccentric phases of the moves. By the time I got to my backyard lunges I was pretty seriously winded, red-faced, sweating like crazy and my legs were very shaky. I still feel very out of shape, but I feel like I’m making good progress this week.

Today is my delts/traps/calves workout. I’m going to do seated barbell shoulder press, DB laterals, bent-over DB laterals, barbell shrugs, power cleans and single-leg DB calf raises. Normally I don’t do cardio on weight training days, but I feel like getting an extra cardio session in this morning. Probably because I felt so winded yesterday. I’m going to do a 45-minute LISS cardio workout this morning, and then hit the weights late this afternoon. I guess I’ll be showering a lot today!

I’ve decided not to have a cheat meal this weekend, and I’m debating weather or not I should even have my usual popcorn cheat snack on movie day. I’ve got the JSF cruise coming up and it wouldn’t kill me to drop a little body fat before we set sail. I estimate that I’m around 9% body fat right now, but I know I’d be more comfortable between 7% and 8%. Of course while on the cruise I’ll put any fat I lose between now and then right back on in just 4 days. 😆

Alright, I’d better go get on the bike before it gets too late. Happy Friday!

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