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A weekend of temptation behind me; Today’s workout.

Monday, July 28, 2008 by  
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Yesterday the temptation to make a batch of popcorn to go with our afternoon movie session was – once again – very strong, but I stuck to my guns and did not cheat. It really helps that Lisa is being strict with her diet right now, too. I’m not sure I would have been able to resist the temptation if I had to make popcorn for Lisa. The smell of fresh popcorn is both wonderful and evil. When I bought the popcorn maker I didn’t realize that it would also serve as a torture device.

So, with the weekend and all its temptations behind me I think I’m past the hardest part of this little three week mini-cut I’m doing before the JSF cruise. I’m proud of myself for staying on target this past week because I’ve had some pretty serious cravings, and fighting them off wasn’t easy.

Today I’ll be doing the same back and biceps workout that I did last week, but I get to increase the amount of weight I’m lifting to about 65-70% of my normal working weight. I feel like my overall fitness level has really improved over the past week, and I’m going put that to the test today with a very intense workout. I’m going to cut all my rest intervals to just 30 seconds between sets, and 1 minute between exercises. The short rest intervals will be an especially difficult challenge with the deadlifts: I may only be using 70% of my normal working weight for the deads, but I’m going to do 16-20 reps per set. That should get my heart rate up!

Time for my breakfast! Train hard, and have a fantastic day.

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