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Altered workout yesterday, and changing this week’s split.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 by  
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I had to alter my workout a bit yesterday. My legs were (are) still so sore and shaky from last Thursday’s leg workout that I wasn’t able to deadlift. My quads and hamstrings are the slowest of all my muscle groups to recover, and after a layoff from training I’ve seen them take up to 10 days to fully recover. There’s really no substitute for deadlifts, but I did T-bar rows instead.

After the back portion of my workout I was supposed to finish off with my biceps, but I felt really good so I decided to just do something spur-of-the moment: I worked my biceps and triceps in superset fashion. I used to do antagonistic supersets for my arms all the time and I really enjoyed that style of training. Done correctly, supersets are brutal, but I very much enjoy the challenge. I saw some of my best arm development back when when I did supersets. Yesterday I only took 30 seconds of rest between each superset (of course no rest between the bicep and tricep portion of the superset), and just one minute of rest between exercises. Those 30 seconds of rest go by FAST, especially on the last couple of supersets!

Today is normally chest and triceps day, but I’ve already worked my triceps so I’m going to alter my training this week and do a 3-day split. Today I’ll do cardio, tomorrow I’ll do chest/delts/traps, and on Friday I’ll work my legs. I’ll be alternating HIIT and LISS cardio on my “off” days.

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