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Great workout yesterday; HIIT today; Getting in shape; Pictures?

Thursday, July 31, 2008 by  
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Yesterday’s workout went real well. I did some drop sets and some rest-pause sets, and kept the intensity levels very high the entire workout. I really feel like I’m bouncing back from my time away from the gym: my level of cardiovascular fitness has improved dramatically in just two weeks, and my muscles are looking a little fuller. Lots of intense weight training and HIIT cardio is whipping me in to shape, and fast!

Today I’ll be doing an afternoon HIIT cardio session. I’m going to do a total of 14 minutes, alternating 45 seconds all out with 45 seconds active recovery. This is going to be a nice challenge, because when I say “all out” I really go ALL OUT. I like that my exercise bike has a speedometer: it’s a nice motivational tool because it gives me instant, consistent and tangible feedback. I use the speedometer to help push me just a little bit faster than I was able to go before. Today I’m going to find out my MHR for sure.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me if I’m going to take my monthly pictures tomorrow. The bruising from the surgery is gone, but my entire mid-section is still pretty swollen and doesn’t look too great. So, while I’m definitely not wild about taking pictures right now, yeah… I will.

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