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New max heart rate reached; Monthly photos.

Friday, August 1, 2008 by  
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My HIIT cardio session yesterday afternoon was awesome! I got my heart rate up to 194 beats per minute, which – if I’m not mistaken – is the the highest it’s ever been! The “220 – AGE” formula that you see tossed around all the time is often wildly inaccurate. According to that formula, my maximum heart rate should be just 181 BPM! Please don’t let that formula limit you: the only way to really know your maximum heart rate is to push yourself as hard as you can until you actually reach it! As long as you and your heart are healthy, there is NO danger in doing HIIT cardio with maxim effort intervals. If in doubt, always check with your doctor first.

OK, it’s time for my monthly pictures, and they are a mixed bag. I guess I’ll start with the bad. There’s no getting around it: my front picture looks absolutely horrible.

There’s still some bad post-op swelling (at least I hope that is what it is) bellow my belly button. It looks very unnatural and just…. ugly. Of course there is a very real possibility that is not swelling; it could be super-stubborn fibrous fat. It feels hard to the touch. Time will tell, I guess.

On a somewhat brighter note, even with the swelling my profile is already looking much improved. Check out the difference below my belly button as compared to my last monthly profile photo (May):

May 2008

May 2008

August 2008

August 2008

I know my muscles look very flat right now. The back injury and the surgery resulted in lots of time out of the gym, and it shows. I’m very confident that my upcoming bulk is going to get me back to where I was, and then some.

Well, I have to admit this has been a stressful morning for me. I didn’t particularly want to post these pictures, but this site has always been about documenting my ongoing journey, and not just showing the highlights. So, there it is.

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