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Unable to work legs yesterday; JSF Cruise/vacation plans; Cardio this morning.

Saturday, August 2, 2008 by  
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I had to skip my leg workout yesterday because my legs were still significantly sore from last Thursday’s (over a week ago) workout. The longest my legs have ever been sore is 10 days, and I just tied that “record” because this morning they are still slightly sore. Training my legs tomorrow would be dumb because then I won’t be able to deadlift on Monday, so I decided to just skip this one. I’ll work my legs as scheduled this Thursday, and they should start recovering much quicker now.

I’ll be on vacation later this this month from Friday, August 15th through Sunday, August 24th. There will be no updates to this site on those days. Of course the 2008 JSF Cruise sets sail for the Bahamas on the 15th, and we’re all very excited and looking forward to an awesome trip. I’m sure we’ll all have plenty of pictures and crazy stories when we return. M@, Phillydude, jk0, Lisa and I decided to pony up for an excursion to an all-inclusive resort once we dock in Nassau. There will be beaches, wind surfing, snorkeling, as much free food as we can eat, gambling and a swim-up bar with all the free drinks our livers can handle. Hopefully none of us will get arrested, or worse. scared

This morning I’m going to bang out a 45-minute LISS cardio session before my busy day. Unfortunately I’ve got to work today, but I’ll be taking Tuesday off in exchange.

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