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Throw out the rule book and have fun.

Monday, August 4, 2008 by  
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I think I’m going to shift my training schedule around a little this week. I’ve got meetings all day today, so this morning I’m going to do some cardio, and tomorrow (which I have off from work) I’ll do my back and biceps workout. I also might alter my split this week and do a 3-day split instead of a 4-day split.

I never used to change my splits or training, but lately I’ve found it very refreshing to modify my schedule and even change my workouts around while in the gym. This flexibility has been sort of liberating, and has made working out even more fun and enjoyable for me. I always go into go into the gym with a plan, but sometimes it’s cool to say, “Nah, I think I’d rather do this exercise right now” or “I’ve got DB laterals planned, but I’m going to shake things up a bit and go down the rack with no rest until I can’t lift my arms.” The bottom line is you’ve got to do whatever it takes to keep your workouts fun, challenging and exciting. Otherwise, you’re going to get bored and stop training. If you find yourself dreading your workouts, try tossing out the rule book. Just get in there and have some fun!

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