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Push ups and my shoulder.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 by  
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I haven’t mentioned my bum shoulder in quite some time, and the reason for that is because it just has not been bothering me at all. I mean, I can still feel that it’s not “right”, but I’ve not experienced any debilitating shoulder pain in a long while. Actually, lifting never seems to bother my shoulder, it’s always stuff like washing the car or painting a room that reminds me of my chronic shoulder problems.

There is a reason I’m mentioning my shoulder this morning. Back when my shoulder was really bad (and was preventing me from lifting), I used to do 50 push ups every morning as soon as I woke up. This was not a very smart thing for me to do, but somehow I thought the push ups were not aggravating my injury. I stopped doing the morning push ups a long time ago, but this morning I decided to see if I could still do 50 perfect push ups (I can, yay), and my shoulder is not really happy right now. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad, but it certainly is letting me know to knock off the push ups. It’s interesting that I can bench and dip with lots of weight and not have any problems, but bodyweight push ups seem to be out of the question. Something about the movement of the push ups just kills my shoulder. So, today was probably the last time I’ll ever do push ups!

I’m off to ice down my shoulder and take some pain killers. Just kidding, I’m fine. Have a great day!

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