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Back from JSF cruise, pictures and video.

Monday, August 25, 2008 by  
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The JSF cruise to the Bahamas was a massive success! Everyone who went had an incredible time, and we’re already talking about next year’s annual get-together (more on that later in this update).

I know you all are anxious to check out the pictures, watch the videos and read the stories. There is a ton of material in the Official 2008 JSF Cruise Pictures and Videos Thread. Please keep in mind that there is some strong language and other stuff that you might possibly find offensive.

When we left for the cruise I joked that if I didn’t put on 10 pounds, it would be a failure. In the space from Friday morning through Tuesday morning I actually did put on 10 pounds (10.6 pounds, to be exact). When I left for the cruise my abs were showing, by the second day they were already quite blurred, and by the end of the cruise they were nothing but a memory. We ate an insane amount of food, but I think we drank most of our calories.

The second day of the cruise all of us decided to go on an excursion to Breezes in Nassau, which is an all-inclusive resort (Phillydude’s idea, and it turned out to be the highlight of the trip). When I say “all-inclusive”, that’s exactly what it means: all the food and alcohol you want is included at no extra charge. The excursion cost $99.00, and I think it’s safe to say we all got many times our money’s worth. On that day we must have crushed several hundred tropical drinks, beers and other assorted alcohol-based concoctions, we ate hamburgers, french fries and jerk chicken on the beautiful beach under the Caribbean sun, we fed fish as they swam around us in the shallows of the sea, M@ played pool volleyball while the rest of us lounged around at the swim-up bar, and Chameleon, well… you’ll just have to check out the pictures and video.

While we all enjoyed the cruise ship, it was unanimously agreed that the all-inclusive resort was the most fun we had on the trip. We’ve sort of informally agreed that next year we’ll just fly directly to a yet-to-be-determined all-inclusive for the annual JSF get-together. Some possible locations being tossed around include Breezes in the Bahamas, Moon Palace in Cancun and Jamaica. Check the Official 2008 Cruise Thread and feel free to join the informal discussion. I’ll start a new thread soon so that we can get serious about picking next year’s spot. Most of all, start saving your pennies! Next year’s JSF bash promises to be the biggest, wildest and most fun get-together yet, and we want YOU there.

After returning from the cruise last Monday, I had the rest of the week off from work. I didn’t workout, and I ate pretty much what I wanted. I played poker, watched lots of movies with the dogs (Lisa had to go out of town on business – Cancun – right after we got back), ate a metric ton of popcorn and basically goofed off and did nothing even close to anything resembling responsible behavior.

Today it’s back to business: work and the gym. I’m out of time, so I’ll talk a little more about what I’ll be doing in the gym tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the cruise pictures and video, and I also hope many of you will start planning to come to next year’s annual JSF gathering. Oh, if it’s not already clear to you after looking at the pictures and video from this year’s trip, these JSF get-togethers are gatherings for adults. There’s lots of drinking, cussing, sexual innuendo… and Phillydude. If you choose to bring your kids they’ll likely be scarred for life.

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