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Cardio today; Forum software upgrade imminent; Turtle update.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 by  
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Today I’ll be doing some afternoon HIIT cardio. Right now I’m carrying a little extra fat, but I’m not concerned with fat loss – I’m focused on building strength up for my upcoming bulk. The only reason I’m doing cardio at all right now is to keep my cardiovascular system in decent shape. As I mentioned yesterday, my weight training for the next month will primarily consist of compound and Olympic lifts using low (4-6) reps, heavy weights and long rest intervals. I’ve found that lifting in this style (very similar to MAX-OT) well help me quickly build my strength, but is not much of a cardiovascular challenge. So, that’s the reason for the HIIT.

I should probably do a body fat reading this weekend. I’m not sure where I am right now, but with summer fading away and the “bulking months” on the near horizon, I’m not that concerned about having a little extra meat on my bones. That said, I’m not going to add anywhere even close to the amount of fat I’ve added on previous bulks!

I’m going to have to upgrade the forum software sometime over the next few days. I can’t set an exact time right now; I’m going to have to perform the upgrade whenever a block of free time opens up for me. I just want to make everyone aware that the forum will likely be down for a couple of hours sometime this week. While the upgrade is in process you’ll see a message indicating what’s going on when you try to access the forum. This upgrade is primarily a bug fix upgrade.

Thanks very much for all the supportive emails and PMs about Turtle. She had her first appointment with the specialist yesterday, and there is no evidence of metastasis (that the cancer has spread) – at least not at this point. Her prognosis is currently listed as “Guarded”. Most dogs don’t live more than 3-6 months after being diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma, but we remain optimistic that the cutting edge treatment she started yesterday (Canine Melanoma Vaccine) will be the miracle we need.

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