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Forum upgrades completed; Search feature for non-members; Sore; Proteins.

Friday, August 29, 2008 by  
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The forum software upgrades were completed successfully and without issue yesterday morning. Prior to this software update a few of you were getting an error message that indicated you need to wait “x” amount of time between searches, even if you’d already waited that amount of time. While this bug only affected a very few members (I could not reproduce it, but still reported it to the developers as a bug), I’m pleased to inform everyone that that the cause of that bug has finally been found and fixed.

While I’m on the subject of the forum software, non-members are now able to search the JSF forums. I had to disable searches for non-members on the old hardware because searches can be very CPU-intensive and they were hurting performance for the regular members. The new servers can easily handle the increased load, so I’ve re-enabled the search feature for everyone. Of course I hope non-members who find this site will go ahead and create a free account on the forum, but I also realize that some people are just looking for a bit of quick information; I’m happy that we’re able to give those people the ability to search the extensive JSF forum archives once again.

Practically every muscle in body is unbelievably sore right now. Today I’ll be working my delts and traps, which are pretty much the only muscle groups that are not currently on fire. I’m glad I’ve got a nice 3-day weekend to recover.

It’s Friday! Tomorrow Lisa and I have a lot of cleaning and chores to do, and we’ll also be going to Costco to stock up on protein foods. My bulk starts in one month, and tomorrow I’ll be buying tons of chicken, steak, shrimp, fish and 96% lean ground beef. I’m glad I have a big spare freezer in the garage – I’m definitely going to need the space.

On Sunday we’re having family over for movies, popcorn and hamburgers. This should ensure that I will look nice and bloated for my monthly pictures on Monday morning. :blank:

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