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Massive shopping list; Upcoming bulk thoughts.

Saturday, August 30, 2008 by  
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I think I’m going to relax my diet a bit for the holiday weekend. I want to enjoy some burgers on the grill when our family comes over tomorrow, have some popcorn while we all watch a movie, and at some point this weekend I’d also like to take Lisa out to our favorite Mexican restaurant (which is something we’ve not done in quite awhile!) I know all this is going to leave me looking bloated for my monthly pictures on Monday, but that’s OK. I’m about to start bulking anyway, so I’d better get used to looking softer than usual. With my goal of gaining as much strength as possible before my bulk starts at the end of September, a little extra food certainly won’t hurt. I gotta say, it sure feels good to not be cutting anymore; I was really getting tired of it!

So today is big shopping day. Lisa and I will be loading up on proteins and other foods for my upcoming bulk (fresh foods will obviously need to be purchased weekly). Here’s what’s on the list for today: 7.5 pounds Orange Roughy, 8 pounds shrimp, 9 pounds Wild Sockeye Salmon, 4 pounds lean turkey burger, 10 pounds 96% lean ground beef, 80 pounds boneless/skinless chicken breasts, 10 pounds chicken thighs (for Lisa), 20 pounds eye of round steak, 8 pounds of Quaker old-fashioned oats, 10 jars Smucker’s natural peanut butter, 8 pounds brown rice and 2 big bottles of olive oil.

On a weekly basis I’ll be purchasing red potatoes, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, egg whites, whole eggs, grapefruit, broccoli and salad greens.

These are the foods that will fuel my workouts and provide my body with the raw ingredients it needs to build muscle. Notice that there is not one single item on the lists that is not 100% all-natural. I’m a big believer in staying away from processed foods when cutting or bulking. The one exception to that “rule” is protein powder.

While I’m bulking I will also get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and I will not drink any alcohol.

Diet, training, rest and recovery are four critical components of any successful bulk. I want to maximize the results of my hard work in the gym, and in my experience all these things must be in order to do that.

I’m just throwing some random musings out there this morning. Over the next few weeks I’ll be consulting with Mastover to solidify the plan. I will post detailed food logs and training information once everything is nailed down.

I’d better get moving, lots to do today. I hope you have a great Saturday!

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