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Strength returning quickly; HIIT cardio today; Turtle update.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 by  
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My strength seems to be returning pretty quickly, and that’s a huge relief. I remember feeling a little down after last week’s back workout, but yesterday I came out of the gym feeling awesome! I added 20 pounds to my deads (over last week’s workout), and did three sets of 7/6/6. That last rep on the final set was TOUGH – my legs were shaking all over the place and I had to dig deep to lock it out, but I did it. I’m still a long way from my peak strength, so this was a nice victory, but the battle is far from over. Next week I think adding another 20 pounds might be a bit too ambitious, so I’ll try adding 10 pounds and see if I can get at least three sets of six at that weight.

I added 10 pounds to my bent-over barbell rows and T-bar rows, and I added 5 pounds to my weighted wide-grip pull-ups. Next week I’m going to try to increase all of these exercises by the same amounts.

Today I’m going to do some afternoon HIIT cardio. Again, I’m only doing cardio right now to keep my cardiovascular system in decent shape – fat loss is not a concern. The heavy, low rep, long rest lifting that I’m doing right now is great for building strength, but there is no real cardio challenge. I’m going to need to be in good cardio shape when I switch to my bulking program on the 29th of this month: the “intensity” workouts will absolutely kill me if I’m not. I don’t want my cardio fitness level to hold me back in any way once I start bulking.

I’d better get going: Turtle is going in for her second cancer treatment this morning and I need to eat, shower and get on the road. By the way, Turtle still seems to be doing well. Of course she was only diagnosed with the malignant melanoma a few weeks ago, so it’s still too early to really know how she’s responding to the experimental treatment she’s undergoing. The important thing is that she is still happy, playful and comfortable. :dreamy:

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