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Healthy, all-natural toast?; Bulking food logs coming soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 by  
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I woke up absolutely starving this morning! Lately for breakfast I’ve been eating egg whites with garlic and cilantro, grapefruit and a couple slices of organic sprouted 100% whole grain flourless toast. I’ve really been enjoying the toast with my egg whites, and this bread (made by “Food for Life”) is so healthy and all-natural that I think I’m going to see if I can work it into my bulking diet at meal #1. A big egg white omlette, whole grain toast, quartered roasted red potatoes and a a protein shake sounds like an awesome bulking breakfast, don’t you think? That will probably be my favorite meal of the day when I’m bulking. I never get tired of those foods, and the roasted red potatoes are incredible. Just a couple hours after that big meal I’ll be having a chicken breast and baked potato. I love bulking. 🙂

I’ve been very busy, but as soon as I have time I’m going to sit down and finalize my bulking diet and supplement intake. I should have time to do that one evening this week, or this weekend at the latest. Expect my complete food logs and training routines to be posted very soon.

Speaking of training, today I’ll be working my chest using very heavy weights (except the cable crossover stuff): barbell bench press, DB incline press, weighted chest dips and some burnout cable crossover work to finish up. Despite going heavy, my shoulder has not given me a lick of trouble in a long time. I certainly hope that trend continues.

Train hard, and have a great day!

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