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Fresh food grocery list is pretty extensive; Strength is up!

Thursday, September 18, 2008 by  
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I was looking over my bulking food log last night, and I started making a grocery list of all the fresh food Lisa’s going to need to buy every week when she goes shopping (with the exception of 96% lean ground beef I’ve already purchased my proteins). The grocery list is quite extensive – and this is just what I’ll be eating; Lisa will purchase more for her needs, too…

1 loaf organic sprouted grain flourless bread, 112 Oz egg whites, 1.5 dozen whole eggs, 11 pounds red potatoes, 7 sweet potatoes/white potatoes, 3 pounds 96% lean ground beef, 1 bag brown rice, 7 bags frozen broccoli and 4 bags pre-washed salad greens. I’m already well-stocked on oats, natural peanut butter, olive oil and Nitrean.

Of course that list will vary somewhat from week to week depending on which proteins I use (for example, substituting eye of round steak for the 96% lean ground beef).

I can’t believe my bulk is just a little over a week away. I’m so excited about it! My strength is up and I’m feeling good in the gym. The extra food I’ve been eating (*cough* popcorn *cough*) may not be great from a visible abs standpoint, but I don’t care about that right now. I’ve got lots of energy and my workouts have been very good. Anyway, get used to me looking soft for the next few months. Even though I won’t put as much fat on as I have in previous years’ bulks, all these carbs are going to make me look very bloated. That’s just the genetic hand I was dealt.

OK, I’d better get to work now. Thanks for stopping by!

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