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So hot outside; HIIT cardio today.

Sunday, September 21, 2008 by  
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I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Yesterday Lisa and I blew off cleaning the house, so this morning we’ll be tackling that project. I should probably also get outside and wash the cars, too, but lately it’s been so hot and muggy that being outside is not at all enjoyable. The 3+ hours it takes me to do the yard work each week is about all I can take at this point. I am so ready for cooler weather to arrive, but so far we’ve not had so much as a hint of relief from the heat. At least we have air conditioning, and I’m not going to be digging my car out from under the snow this winter. I don’t know how you folks in the north do it!

I’m going to do some HIIT cardio this afternoon. I’m feeling a little bloated after yesterday’s cheat meal of grilled hamburgers and fries, and nothing makes me feel better the day after a cheat meal than a good HIIT cardio session. I think I’m going to do 16 minutes: 45 seconds all out/45 seconds active recovery. Those last 15 seconds when you’re going all out seem to go on forever, don’t they? And 45 seconds never passed so quickly then those during the active recovery intervals! That’s why I like HIIT cardio: it’s as challenging as you want to make it, and I like challenges.

Countdown: just 1 week until my bulk starts!

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