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Lisa is sick; Turtle update; Big project launch went well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 by  
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Unfortunately Lisa is sick. It’s not too bad – just a cold – but with my bulk starting on Monday I really hope I don’t get what she has. I need to be 100% on Monday, so I’m trying to stay away from her. So far so good, I feel just fine.

Tomorrow will be my final workout (chest) before my bulk starts. As I mentioned a few days ago, my leg day will change from Friday to Monday for my bulk, so I’ll be skipping Friday’s leg workout since there’s no way my legs will be recovered by Monday. I think the extra rest will do me some good – especially if my body needs to fight off whatever Lisa has.

This morning I’m taking Turtle to the specialist for her third malignant melanoma vaccine treatment. So far she’s doing very well, and there have been no side effects or signs of any new tumors. After today’s shot there’s just one more to go in the series of four initial treatments, and then she’ll just need one treatment every six months for the rest of her life. Go Turtle!

My big project launch at work yesterday was a success. As with most any large project there are some bugs that need to be squashed, but 95% of the functionality is working as planned. As happy as I am with the results, I’ve got a quite a punch list of minor issues that need to be addressed, and one semi-major issue. Hopefully I can get everything addressed before the weekend so I can relax and savor the accomplishment!

I’d better wrap this up. I need to eat, get a shower and get Turtle ready to go. Thanks for stopping by, have a fantastic day!

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