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Still feeling good; Final workout of the week today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by  
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Lisa’s still suffering from the effects of her cold, but thankfully I’m still feeling 100% and don’t seem to have picked up anything from her. I’m going to train today, and hope that I don’t regret it. If I do get her cold, I want my body to have full resources to fight it off, so hopefully training today won’t wind up being a mistake. I’m already going to have the next four days off from training, and so I really don’t want to miss this workout!

After today I’ll be taking a few days off from training, and on Monday I’m gong to start my 2008 bulk! I’m very excited about my training and, of course, all the great foods I’ll be eating. I think I mentioned a few days ago that I’m actually going to start eating my bulking diet a day early (on Sunday) to help fuel my first workout. Saturday night will be my last cheat meal and my last taste of alcohol for the next thirteen weeks. I was going to have a glass of red wine with my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, but after giving it some thought I changed my mind and have decided against doing that.

Train hard and have a great day!

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