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Tomorrow’s the big day – join me!

Sunday, September 28, 2008 by  
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I’m so bloated right now from yesterday’s “free day” that taking pre-bulk measurements this morning would be inaccurate and pointless. I’m also planning to have a final day enjoying a relaxed diet before my bulk starts tomorrow, so I’ll probably wait to take my measurements on Tuesday. I expect that my weight will actually drop the first few days of my bulk while I shed the excess water.

So, tomorrow’s the big day. I can’t wait! Yesterday Lisa purchased this week’s fresh food items at the grocery store (the bill was almost twice the usual amount), I’ve got chicken breasts, orange roughy fish and 96% lean ground beef defrosting in the fridge (meal plan), and later today I’ll be staging the gym for my very first 2008 bulk workout. This first week is a low volume, heavy “core” week, and tomorrow is leg training (here’s the actual workout).

Today I’m going to relax, watch some movies, play some cards and basically do whatever I like and eat whatever I like. Even though I can have anything I want for breakfast, I’m going to eat the exact same meal I’ll be eating while I’m bulking – I find it to be that good! Tonight before bed I’m going to give the dreaded popcorn machine a very thorough cleaning, wrap chains around it and lock it down. I will then mail the key to a friend in another state.

I’m kidding about chaining up the popcorn machine. I think.

OK, before I sign off I’d like to invite anyone who is looking to lose fat or gain some muscle to “join” me over the next few months. Let’s work hard and really get some tangible results we can be proud of. You can count on me to follow through with my plan, and I’ll be here posting each and every day. Let’s do this!

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