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BULK!; Bigger Faster Stronger.

Monday, September 29, 2008 by  
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Today’s the big day – the first day of my 2008 bulk! I just finished my breakfast (here’s my 2008 bulk meal plan), and I am absolutely stuffed. The food was so good that I didn’t mind forcing it all down. I think the reason I wasn’t as hungry as usual this morning is because last night I had my final cheat meal (pizza and bread), and I’m feeling very bloated from it.

My official starting weight is 195 pounds, but that’s a very bloated 195 pounds. I expect over the next couple of days I’ll actually lose some water weight. I’m going to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday when I’m less bloated to take my measurements and body fat reading.

So my first workout is a low volume, but heavy “core” leg workout. Again, here are the training principles and splits I’ll be following for this bulk, and here are the actual workouts for the first couple of weeks.

There’s a new DVD out tomorrow that I think many of you will find very interesting. It’s called Bigger Stronger Faster, and it was recomended to me by forum member “George” while we were hanging out on the JSF Cruise. I’ve not yet seen the documentary, but I’ve read very good things about it. I’m told that it’s a brutally honest look at steroid use among athletes and, in particular, within director Christopher Bell’s family. I’m looking forward to giving this DVD a spin later this week.

I can’t believe I have to start cooking my sweet potato for meal #2 in about an hour. I’m so full. Oh well, somehow I’ll manage. 🙂

Train hard, and see ya tomorrow!

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