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HELLISH back/biceps/traps workout; Eight years smoke-free!

Yesterday’s workout turned out to be the longest and most grueling so far on this bulk. The trend this week as I’ve designed my workouts seems to be underestimating the difference between what looks challenging on paper and how that plays out in the gym. I’d like to talk about the workout a bit, but first let’s take a look at what I did (and what I’ll be doing for the next three weeks on… [Read more]

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Sore, but well rested.

My chest and triceps are still sore, but I’m feeling very well rested after my day off from training. Later today I’ll be working my back, biceps and traps. I didn’t have time to come up with the new workout yesterday, so I’ll get that done and post it in tomorrow morning’s update. Time is running out to register for the November “100 Challenge”. If you want to join, do it now – do not… [Read more]

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BRUTAL chest/triceps workout.

Yesterday I put together a new chest/tricep workout that looked fairly tough on paper, but in practice it was shockingly brutal! The very short rest intervals, high intensity levels, multiple drop sets and multiple supersets left the target muscles completely destroyed (not to mention the heavy cardio aspect). Here’s the workout: CHEST – 3 x 10-12 Flat BB Bench Press – 4 x failure Incline DB Bench Press (triple drop sets) – 3 x 10-12/failure… [Read more]

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New leg workout.

This week I’ll be changing all my weight training exercises & techniques around, and will do these new routines for the next 3-4 weeks. I’ll be posting the new training routines all this week. Yesterday was leg day, and here’s what I did: – 5 x 20/15/12/10/7 squats, weight increased on each set – 3 x 10-12/failure leg extensions/backyard barbell lunges (supersets) – 3 x failure lying leg curls (quad drop sets) For the leg… [Read more]

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Week 5 begins; Shoulder pain; Two new (old) photos posted.

Week five of my thirteen week bulk starts today. I’m very encouraged by the results I’ve achieved so far (check out yesterday’s update for the first four weeks in review), and I’m going to continue to build on my strong initial effort for the remaining nine weeks. As I mentioned last week, I’ve decided to bulk for the entire thirteen weeks (the initial plan called for a week of cutting at week #5 and week… [Read more]

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Weekly stats, past four weeks in review.

I’ve now completed four weeks of my bulk, so I want to look at how I’ve progressed over the past four weeks. It’s also Sunday, and time for my weekly measurements and body fat reading! My scale weight this morning is 203.4 pounds, which is a 1.6 pound gain over the past week. So far on this bulk I’ve gained a total of 8.4 pounds in 4 weeks. I’ve been subtracting 3 pounds as the… [Read more]

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Stomach pain made a tough workout even tougher; New photo.

Yesterday’s workout (delts/traps/calves) was a very good one, but my stomach started hurting pretty badly about halfway through. I thought about stopping, but decided to press on and complete the workout. I’m glad that I didn’t quit: the discomfort didn’t affect my strength, and shortly after my workout the pain began to lessen pretty quickly. About an hour after my workout the pain was was completely gone. Weird. I took one new progress photo after… [Read more]

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Adam’s plan for my traps; New picture.

A couple of days ago the subject of my horribly lagging traps was brought up in my journal. Despite a lot of hard work and specialized attention over the years, my traps still have basically no height to them. My underdeveloped traps look quite unbalanced with the rest of my upper body, and my inability to get them to grow has been frustrating, to say the least… …so Adam (“Chicanerous” on the forum), saw the… [Read more]

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Stiff neck this morning.

In bed at night both dogs always like to snuggle up to me, and they always push me to the very edge of the bed. This gives Lisa 3/4 of our King-sized bed all to herself, meanwhile I feel like I’m sleeping in a shoe box. Anyway, last night the dogs arranged themselves in such a way that my body was awkwardly twisted around them into sort of a human pretzel. I figured they’d eventually… [Read more]

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The nuts and bolts of progressive training.

I’m very pleased with my performance in the gym yesterday. The workout was chest & triceps, and for the fourth consecutive week I increased the weight and/or reps on every single exercise. Making improvements each and every week is called progressive training. I discussed the topic of progressive training this past Saturday, but let’s talk a little more about the nuts and bolts behind the concept… If you are trying to put on lean mass… [Read more]

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