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Very sore; Support your hard work in the gym; Today’s workout.

Thursday, October 2, 2008 by  
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“Sore” doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel this morning. My legs and glutes scream at me every time I get up from my chair, and my pecs and triceps are raging. I generally love the feeling of DOMS, but my legs are actually a little past the point I enjoy. The switch this week from a lower rep/heavy weight strength training routine to a higher rep/intense mass building routine has my muscles reeling. This is a good thing, of course. I’m sure this week will be the worst of the soreness.

I’m certainly proving my muscles with an ample, steady supply of nutrients and an ideal environment for growth: my diet this week has been absolutely 100% perfect, with no missed meals and no foods off my planned bulking diet. I’ve also been getting plenty of rest each night and, of course, have consumed no alcohol. If you want to maximize your hard work in the gym, you’ve got to support it with excellent nutrition and rest. I can’t stress that enough.

Yesterday was my day off from training, and I was happy for the rest. Today I’ll be back in the gym for my back and biceps “intensity” workout. I’m glad there will be no deadlifting today, as my legs are way too sore for that. I’ll be doing some cleans, but they will be power cleans and won’t really involve my legs. The three giant sets for my biceps at the end of the workout are going to be insane. There’s no feeling quite like the feeling one gets after giving 100% to a tough workout; it’s part of what spurs me on when I feel like I can’t do another rep.

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