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Awesome workout last night; Breakfast.

Friday, October 3, 2008 by  
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I’d almost forgotten just how tough these “intensity” workouts really are. This week has served up a heaping dish of pain as a reminder. Last night’s workout (back and biceps) was especially challenging (here are this week’s “core” and “intensity” workouts). If you are looking for a challenging workout, you should give any of the “intensity” week workouts a try. The key to these workouts, however, is not just performing the exercises: you’ve got to walk into the gym with the same attitude you’d take going into to a fist fight. The workouts need to be fast (no more than 1 minute of rest between sets), brutal and intense. Absolutely no distractions and no slowing down. If you are not sweating profusely and breathing hard the entire time, then you’re doing it wrong.

The back portion of yesterday’s workout pre-exhausted my biceps, so by the time I got to the 3 bicep giant sets I overestimated how much weight I could handle. I was failing at rep 4 or 5 by the second exercise in the first giant set. I pushed through without reducing the weight, but next time I’m going to need to back off on the weight a bit.

OK, gotta run. Later today I’ll be working my delts and calves. In the meantime, my breakfast is ready!


Meal #1

Meal #1

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