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Second week of bulk starts; Importance of diet; Another “intensity” week?

Monday, October 6, 2008 by  
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The first week of my bulk went extremely well: tough workouts, no missed meals, no alcohol and plenty of rest. With week one in the books, I feel like I couldn’t be off to a better start to my bulk. This week I am going to continue to build on the momentum I generated last week with more great workouts and, of course, plenty of healthy food.

The subject of food comes up a lot on this site and on the forums, and there’s a very good reason for that: no matter what your goals are and how hard you work in the gym, your diet will make or break you. I can’t stress the importance of a proper diet enough, but it’s the one area that many people – either through ignorance or apathy – screw up. If you missed Saturday’s update, I did something brand new and some of you may find it interesting. On Friday I took pictures of all six of my meals, and then on Saturday morning I used the pictures to create a sort of visual tour of my bulking diet. Along with the pictures you’ll find detailed information on how I prepare each meal, as well as a few tips to help you minimize your time in the kitchen. The point of the article is to show that healthy food can taste great, and preparing the food doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

This week is scheduled to be a “core” strength training week, but I’ll be honest: I’m tempted to do another high volume “intensity” week. I can already see a difference in my muscles after just one week of “intensity” training, and I feel well rested and recovered after this past weekend. Plus, I love going into the gym and just tearing it up. The slower paced, low volume “core” workouts are, frankly, boring by comparison. I would have made a good sled dog, I guess.

Oh, I woke up on time this morning – 6:00 AM sharp! I overslept on Saturday and Sunday – probably because my body was so destroyed from the past week of workouts – but I feel great this morning.

Time for me to go start preparing my breakfast. Train like you mean it.

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