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Another “intensity” week; Turtle update.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 by  
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Yesterday I indicated that I was considering doing a second consecutive week of “intensity” training, and that’s what I wound up doing. Sometimes you just have to throw the play book out and go with your gut instincts. After a few months of slow-paced strength training, which I found fairly boring, last week’s brutal “intensity” workouts (here are my current training splits and principles and actual workouts) really got me fired up and excited about training again. I seem to thrive on fast-paced, high volume training.

Is skipping the “core” training ideal? Maybe, maybe not. There’s only one way to find out. My thought process is this: first and foremost, training should be enjoyable. I’m not a pro and I’m not ever going to compete, so as long as I’m in the gym working my butt off and having a blast, then – as far as I’m concerned – I’m doing it right. The results will follow.

This morning I’m taking Turtle dog to the specialist for her fourth malignant melanoma vaccine treatment. This is her final shot in the series of four initial treatments. After this she’ll just need one treatment every six months for the rest of her life. It’s been several months since the tumor appeared, and so she’s already beat the odds (most dogs diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma don’t make it more than 3 months). So far there’s been no sign of the tumor coming back, her glands are normal in size and she’s been very playful and happy.

Turtle’s appointment is at 10:30 AM, which is when I’m supposed to eat meal #2 (bulking diet). I could take a protein/carb shake with me, but I’ve decided to simply shift all my meals (and my workout) forward by a half-hour so I can eat my planned solid meal. I’m going to have to microwave my sweet potato to save time, though.

OK, I’d better start breakfast. Later today I’ll be training my chest and triceps, and it will be another “intensity” workout. Train hard and eat well!

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