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Pacing the gym; Alcohol.

Thursday, October 16, 2008 by  
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Yesterday was my day off from training, but I wanted to train so badly that I went into the gym and just sort of hung out there for awhile. I walked around looking at all the equipment and checking out the motivational pictures of Zane, Schwarzenegger and Mentzer. While I was in the gym aimlessly pacing around, I went ahead and got everything staged and ready for today’s workout (back and biceps). I haven’t been this fired up about training in over a year. Mentally I’m in a very positive place right now, and I know that with continued hard work big things are in store this bulk…

This Sunday will be three weeks since I’ve consumed any alcohol. While a clean diet, ample rest and hard training have certainly played a large role in how good I’m feeling right now, completely abstaining from alcohol is perhaps the biggest contributor to my present condition. Listen, I love a good strong drink (as most of you know, straight vodka is my preferred poison) as much as the next guy; the problem is, I think I like drinking a little too much. I certainly have an addictive personality, and to deny that I have alcoholic tenancies would be a lie. Alcoholism runs deep into my family tree, and so throughout my adult life I’ve always strived to keep a close eye on my drinking habits. When I’m regularly training (which, for the past six years, has been most of the time) I don’t even desire a drink. But when I let my training slide, as I did over the past year, the number of times I’d imbibe each week was often excessive; in fact, there were weeks when I drank every day. After how hard I’ve worked over the past six years, that’s just messed up. Being honest with myself about this budding problem is one of the reasons I decided to stop drinking completely during this bulk. Even after my bulk is over, I’ve decided that aside from vacations I will never drink more than twice per week again in my life.

JSF has a great resource for those who are looking to sober up. Check out the “Sober Challenges” that run nearly every month in the Fitness Challenges section of the forum. Those members have my utmost respect and admiration. I hope they keep the challenges going in perpetuity.

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