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Strength gains continue; New progress photo; Straight bulk with no cutting?

Friday, October 17, 2008 by  
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Yesterday’s workout (back and biceps) was excellent! I added 20 pounds to my power clean/bent-over barbell row supersets, 10 pounds to my weighted wide-grip pull-ups and 5 pounds to my pullovers and DB rows. I increased the number of reps I was able to do for all three exercises in my bicep giant sets.

The giant sets are very intense, but I’m not convinced they are the best choice as a mass-building training technique. My arms are so fatigued after the first exercise (performed to failure) that on the next two exercises I am only able to use a fraction of the weight I’d otherwise use with just a little rest. When I change my workouts up a week from now I’m going to not just change the exercises, but I think I’m also going to try some drop sets for my biceps. Drop sets just “feel” more effective to me.

I posted one new picture, a bicep and forearm photo, in my journal last night.

A week from now my “culking” plan calls for one week of cutting, but man… I really don’t want to move away from bulking and cut my calories right now – even briefly! I’ve not added any appreciable amount of fat so far, and my weight gains have been quite reasonable. I’m enjoying the extra food and intense training a great deal, and I’m making good progress. Unless I have a change of heart between now and October 26th, I’m going to continue bulking. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover between now and January, and I don’t want to slow down just as I feel like I’m hitting my stride.

I know that I’ve changed some things around “on the fly” so far on this bulk, but right now what I feel I really need is continue with non-stop hard work, lots of clean food, brutal training and self-discipline. As I said earlier this month, sometimes you just have to toss out the play book and trust your gut instincts.

Later today I’ll be working my delts and calves, and then I have the weekend off to rest. Happy Friday!

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