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More on keeping workout logs.

Monday, October 20, 2008 by  
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It’s Monday, and after a very restful and enjoyable weekend I feel 100% recharged and ready for another week packed with awesome workouts!

Yesterday I posted my weekly measurements and body fat reading. At this point I’m very pleased with my weight and strength gains, and so far I seem to be doing it without putting on much, if any, fat. I’m really happy about the lack of fat gain, because I started this bulk at close to 12% body fat, and that is a much higher number than I’ve ever started a bulk with.

I was surprised by some of the emails I received in response to Saturday’s update. For example, one guy told me that when he first started working out he tried to keep a log, but he stopped because he “didn’t see any other people at the gym doing it”. You can’t concern yourself with what others are doing at the gym. How many people do you see coming in to the gym week after week, doing the same exercises over, using the same weights and never making any progress? Do you really want to be like everyone else? Just carry a small pocket-sized notebook around with you and jot down what you are doing. It’s not hard, and it only takes a second. Those logs will give you the information you need to evaluate your progress and become a better lifter.

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