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Adam’s plan for my traps; New picture.

Friday, October 24, 2008 by  
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A couple of days ago the subject of my horribly lagging traps was brought up in my journal. Despite a lot of hard work and specialized attention over the years, my traps still have basically no height to them. My underdeveloped traps look quite unbalanced with the rest of my upper body, and my inability to get them to grow has been frustrating, to say the least…

…so Adam (“Chicanerous” on the forum), saw the aforementioned exchange about my traps and offered me his learned input. At first I was put off by the apparent volume of his training suggestion, but after some further discussion the logic behind his plan began to make sense to me. I’ve decided to incorporate Adam’s “trap attack” into my training regimen for the next 8 weeks (I started yesterday, in fact). In Adam’s own words…

“John, if you want to blitz your traps, for the next 4-8 weeks, you should either
– clean shrug (use at least 120% of your best power clean)
– snatch shrug (use at least 95% of your best power clean)
– power clean

…3-4x per week for 25-45 total reps per session. You can also add a power shrug on top of any deadlift rep (including warm-up and acclimations) of any variation, when the weights are between 120%-140% of your best power clean to work towards this total. Remember: triples and fives are best!

Just keep in mind the basic spirit and you can’t go wrong:
– power shrug
– power shrug all the time
– power shrug every session
– either by performing your normal power cleans
– or separately with weights in excess of them, but still low enough that you can get good “pop”

This is basically the equivalent of working an Olympic lifting routine without the Olympic lifting. Weightlifters get the added bonus that a good portion of that volume is actually from the floor, so the entire posterior chain gets into the mix.”

So there it is. Thanks again, Adam. Let’s see how it goes!

I posted one new picture in my journal yesterday.

Today I’m working delts, calves and, of course, traps!

Happy Friday! Train hard!

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