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New leg workout.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 by  
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This week I’ll be changing all my weight training exercises & techniques around, and will do these new routines for the next 3-4 weeks. I’ll be posting the new training routines all this week.

Yesterday was leg day, and here’s what I did:

– 5 x 20/15/12/10/7 squats, weight increased on each set
– 3 x 10-12/failure leg extensions/backyard barbell lunges (supersets)
– 3 x failure lying leg curls (quad drop sets)

For the leg extension/backyard barbell lunges supersets, what I did was perform the leg extensions then ran through the house and out to the backyard. I quickly cleaned the barbell, overhead pressed it and then lowered it to my back, at which point I lunged all over the yard until I couldn’t take another step. Once I reached failure I rolled the barbell through the grass and back to the starting position, and then limped back to the gym to start another superset. I took 2 minutes between each of these supersets. Before my workout I had to go out back and make 100% sure there was no dog crap in my path. I had enough to worry about without the added concern of tracking dog poop through the house. Thankfully I did not overlook any landmines.

For the lying leg curl drop sets, I stripped off 10 pounds after reaching failure. I did this four times per drop set. My hamstrings were toast once I finished the last set.

Despite hitting the sack last night at my usual time, I overslept by 45 minutes this morning. I think that leg workout took quite a lot out of me, but the extra sleep must have done the trick: aside some early DOMS in my legs and glutes, I feel great!

Today I’ll be working chest and triceps. I have not come up with the workout yet, so I’ll post it in tomorrow’s update. See ya then!

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