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BRUTAL chest/triceps workout.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 by  
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Yesterday I put together a new chest/tricep workout that looked fairly tough on paper, but in practice it was shockingly brutal! The very short rest intervals, high intensity levels, multiple drop sets and multiple supersets left the target muscles completely destroyed (not to mention the heavy cardio aspect).

Here’s the workout:

– 3 x 10-12 Flat BB Bench Press
– 4 x failure Incline DB Bench Press (triple drop sets)
– 3 x 10-12/failure DB flyes/body weight chest dips (supersets)

– 3 x 10-12 Standing Ez-bar French Curl
– 4 x failure Angled Bar Tricep Pressdowns (triple drop sets)
– 3 x 10-12/failure DB Extensions/body weight tricep bench dips (supersets)

As you can see, I mirrored the basic structure of the chest and tricep portions of the workout. Let’s go over the workout in a little more detail.

The first exercise in both cases was a very straightforward 3 sets of 10-12 reps (not including warm-up sets) using fairly heavy weight and perfect form. Things got a little more interesting after that, though…

Next (for both chest and triceps) I did 4 triple drop sets. I started off with a weight that brought me to failure around rep 10-12; after reaching failure I immediately striped off 10 pounds (or, in the case of the Incline DB bench press, I grabbed two lighter dumbbells), lifted until failure, quickly reduced the weight a final time and repped out until I could no longer lift the weight. One minute of rest (I assure you that one minute will feel like ten seconds, if that), and then repeat until a total of four triple drop sets have been completed. When I finished these sets, my heart was racing, my body was dripping with sweat and the target muscles were fried. I wasn’t done with them yet, though…

Next (again, for both chest and triceps) I supersetted a fairly heavy weight training exercise with a “burnout” bodyweight exercise. The weighted exercises were performed in the 10-12 rep range (to near failure), and then I immediately moved to the body weight exercises and repped out until I reached total muscular failure. After reaching failure I rested one minute and did it again for a total of three supersets per muscle group.

This is the chest/triceps workout I’ll be performing for the next 3 weeks. I expect to see some solid growth from this plan. If you are looking for a challenging chest/triceps workout, give this a try. The trick is to keep the rest intervals short and the intensity levels up. Also, when you think you’ve reached failure, clear your mind, take a deep breath and force yourself to do another rep anyway.

Mercifully, I have today off from training. I’ll be resting up and preparing for tomorrow’s workout, which is back and biceps. I have not yet come up with the back/bicep workout I’ll be using for the next four weeks, but I’ll be working on it tonight or tomorrow. I’ll post it as soon as I have it.

Man, I’m so fired up about my training right now. It’s like no matter how hard I work it’s still not enough; I just want to keep pushing harder. I haven’t felt this good about my training in a long time, and I’m loving it.

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