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Weekly measurements; Big day tomorrow!

It’s Sunday, and time to take my weekly tape measurements and body fat reading… My scale weight this morning is 210.8 pounds. That’s a 2.4 pound gain over the past week. A 2.4 pound gain in one week may seem high, but it’s an artificially inflated weight thanks to the water weight from the Thanksgiving day feast. I expect my weight to drop another pound or two over the next couple of days. Nine weeks… [Read more]

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Much needed rest today; Four weeks to go.

I’m still bleeding off the four pounds of bloat I added just from Thanksgiving day. I shed half of that water weight yesterday, and hopefully the rest of it will be gone today. My finger and joints feel achy and stiff when I’m holding this much water. The Thanksgiving meal must have been quite a shock to my system after over 2 months of 100% clean, all-natural foods. Although, as cheat meals go, Thanksgiving dinner… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout; Thanksgiving photos.

Yesterday’s Thanksgiving workout was a bit of a mixed bag: I had a great workout, but I seemed hell-bent on killing myself… The workout started off great! I did plenty of deadlift warm-up sets and felt no pain at all in my lower back. I added 10 pounds to my heavy working sets and banged out a set of eight with no problem. On the second set of deads, however, I felt a sharp pain… [Read more]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d like to start off today’s update by wishing my fellow Americans a very safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. I make an effort each and every day to take note of how incredibly blessed I am, but sometimes the grind of everyday life blurs that which is most sacred. Thanksgiving is day that allows us to refocus on what’s important, and serves as a poignant reminder that we should never take anything for granted. I’m… [Read more]

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A couple of new personal records yesterday; 3 new photos.

I think the muscle I pulled in my back a couple of weeks ago may have actually helped me. When the injury first happened I was afraid that my bulk was over, or at least delayed several weeks. Thankfully that was not the case, and I only wound up missing one workout. The mere prospect of not being able to train, however, helped reaffirm just how much I love lifting. This little mid-bulk reminder to… [Read more]

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Excellent return to my leg workout!

I was able to do my leg workout yesterday 100% as planned – and that includes squats and lunges! Looks like my minor back injury is more or less behind me. I added 10 pounds to my last squat workout and did the same number of reps as last time (working sets). You may be wondering if I approached the squats with apprehension due to the muscle I pulled in my back a little over… [Read more]

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Thanksgiving workout plans.

So this weekend Lisa and I hashed out our Thanksgiving dinner menu, and we roughed out the schedule for Thanksgiving day. I mentioned that I would be performing my workout sometime after her parents arrive because I need to time Thanksgiving dinner so it is my PWO meal #2. Lisa said, “Wait, you’re working out? On Thanksgiving?!” Well, yeah. Of course I’m working out on Thanksgiving. Why shouldn’t I? Do you think I’m going to… [Read more]

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Weekly measurements.

It’s Sunday and, as always, this morning I’ll be taking a look at my weekly tape measurements and body fat reading. My scale weight this morning is 208.4 pounds. That’s a 1.2 pound gain over the past week. I’m happy with this number. I’ve now completed eight weeks of this year’s thirteen week bulk, and so far I’ve gained a total of 13.4 pounds – an average gain of 1.68 pounds per week. Let’s move… [Read more]

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Good workout; Leaning DB laterial; New traps progress picture.

Yesterday was my delt/traps/calves workout. Thankfully I didn’t need to make any modifications to yesterday’s training as a result of the lower back muscle I pulled last Friday. The only part of the workout that put any real strain on my lower back was the standing overhead press/power shrug supersets. Yes – yesterday I was able to power shrug! My back seems to be recovering very quickly. I did feel some discomfort towards the end… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s back workout; New photo.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had to modify my current back/biceps/traps workout a bit thanks to the muscle I pulled last Friday. Not being able to deadlift or clean sucked, but I made the most of it. I decided to start off the workout by hitting my lower back directly with some good mornings. I warmed up slowly: 20 reps with the bar, 12 reps with 65 pounds and 10 reps with 95 pounds. I… [Read more]

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