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Ready for a week of killer workouts; Supplemental trap workout.

Monday, November 3, 2008 by  
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This week is the second week using the grueling new workouts I came up with last week (check last week’s Daily news Archive starting here for the actual workouts). The positive is at least now I know what to expect; the flip side to that coin is… now I know what to expect. 😆

Seriously, the workouts are difficult – very difficult – and that’s why right now I’m feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. I know I have to step it up another notch and improve over last week’s performances (all of which I felt were very solid efforts). I’m going to take it one rep at a time, and do each rep like it’s my last. Actually, that may not be far from the truth, as last week’s workouts damn near killed me.

Yesterday afternoon I did a very short (about 15 minutes) supplemental trap workout. I performed the workout just before meal #4, which is my normal workout time. First I did 3 sets of traditional close-grip barbell shrugs to failure, and I followed that with 3 sets of 15 power shrugs using 130% of my power clean working set weight. My traps feel pretty roasted this morning, but that’s OK as I won’t be working them again until Thursday.

My breakfast is ready, so I’m going to sign off. Train hard and never give up!

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