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Incredible workout yesterday. Just incredible.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 by  
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I knew going into yesterday’s workout (chest/triceps, here’s the actual workout) that I had a significant challenge in front of me. For starters, the workout is flat-out tough; it’s an hour of non-stop, very intense, brutal lifting. Added to that, last week’s chest/tricep workout was one of my best 2008 bulk training sessions yet, but my goal yesterday (as always) was to step it up another notch and increase the weight and/or number of reps on every single exercise.

I got the workout off to a fantastic start, managing to increase weight and reps on flat barbell bench press. Man, I had to really dig deep to get those last couple of reps out. When I racked the bar after the last set of bench presses I knew I was about to have an incredible workout. I felt electric.

Moving on to the four Incline DB press triple drop sets, I used the same weights as last week, but increased the number of reps by 2-5 on each and every lift. Next week I’m going to increase the weight for each drop by 5 pounds.

This week I increased the weight for my DB Flyes by 10 pounds per dumbbell (last week I made a note in my workout log that I could handle more weight). Moving up in weight like that was the right call. I still managed 10-12 reps per set, but the increased weight clearly fatigued my muscles quite a bit more than last week; that’s probably why I was unable to do as many supersetted body weight dips as I did last week (on each set I reached complete muscular failure 1-2 reps before I did last week).

I added 10 pounds to my standing French Curls and also increased reps. Next week I’ll add more weight to these.

On the four tricep pressdown triple drop sets, I used the same weight as last week but increased reps by up to SEVEN on some of the sets! I had to double-check the plates and last week’s logs to make sure I wasn’t accidentally stripping off too much as I dropped. Nope – just good, solid improvement. Next week I’ll increase the weight for each drop.

Finally, I added 10 pounds to my standing DB extensions, but unlike the flyes/dips supersets, I was able to increase reps by 3-5 on all the supersetted triceps bench dip sets.

When I finished this workout I felt indescribable. Workouts like this are a big part of why I love weight training so much. It’s a high like no other…

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