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The “secrets” to awesome workouts; New progress photos; Forum upgrade.

As tough as Tuesday’s chest/triceps workout was, I know today’s workout (back/biceps/traps, here’s the actual workout) is going to be even more difficult. Last week after performing my new back/biceps/traps workout for the first time, I made the comment that it was the longest and most grueling workout so far on this bulk. Well, you know what that means: today’s workout has to be even better than last week’s workout, and that’s going to be no small task. I’m going to be adding weight to every single exercise, and stepping up the intensity levels another notch.

This Sunday will mark the completion of the first six weeks of my 2008 bulk. So far I’ve not had a single bad workout; in fact, I’ve not had anything even close to a mediocre workout. I think there are quite a few reasons why my workouts have been so good…

First of all, I’m extremely fired up about this bulk. Mentally, I’m very on top of my game right now. After over a year of distractions, backsliding and excuses, I knew in my heart that I had to get back in the action 100%. When it comes to success at anything in life, being mentally prepared is critical – that’s why it tops this list. If you lack the sincere desire to make your goals a reality, then you’re doomed from the start.

Next on the list? Diet. My bulking diet is very “clean”. I’m eating plenty of healthy, unprocessed foods every couple of hours. My diet gives my body the fuel it needs to power through these tough workouts, and to recover and rebuild once I leave the gym. Right now I’m not putting anything in my body that I feel is sub-optimal: that means absolutely no alcohol and no cheat meals.

Finally, I’m getting plenty of rest. I can really feel it when I don’t get my eight hours. Some people need more sleep, and some people need less, but for me eight hours seems to be about perfect. Sleep is critical for recovery and growth. If you are not getting enough sleep, then your results are not going to be optimal. I’m working way too hard in the gym to allow something as simple as not getting to bed on time to minimize those efforts.

Of course all these things don’t guarantee a never-ending stream of awesome workouts. In fact no matter what you do sometimes you’re going to have a bad workout, but I believe in doing everything in my power to stack the deck in my favor.

I posted a new progress picture last night in my journal.

I’ll be upgrading the forums to the latest version this morning. This is a fairly minor upgrade (just a few bug fixes), and shouldn’t take too long. The forums will be temporarily shut down while the upgrade is performed. I expect the upgrade to be completed some time before 9:00 AM (EST). I’ll update this page once the upgrades have been completed. 8:24 AM (EST) EDIT: Upgrades completed successfully.