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Yesterday’s workout (lightning strikes twice); Bragging? Huh?

Friday, November 7, 2008 by  
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Yesterday I talked a bit about how the things I do outside of the gym play a critical role in my actual workouts. When I stepped into the gym for yesterday’s workout (back/biceps/traps, here’s the actual workout), I had a significant challenge ahead of me: last week’s back/biceps/traps workout was one of my best ever, and I knew I had to do even better this week. When I walked into the gym I felt confident, amped-up and powerful. I felt this way because I knew in my heart that for the past six weeks I’ve been doing everything in my power to support my training. Most of us only spend around 5 hours per week in the gym. While working your butt off for those ~5 hours is obviously very important, what you do with the 163 hours of the week is just as important.

My memory of yesterday’s workout is mostly an angry, reddish blur. I walked into that gym ready to go to war, and that’s just what I did: +10 pounds on my deads/shrugs, same reps as last week; +10 pounds on my cleans/shrugs, same reps as last week; +10 pounds on my low rows/+10 pounds on my DB pullovers (supersets), more reps than last week; +5 pounds on my barbell curls, more reps than last week; +5 pounds on hammer curls (each drop, quad drop sets), same reps as last week. The final exercise – concentration curls – is the only exercise where I did not improve on weight. In fact, I purposely reduced the weight by 5 pounds because last week I didn’t take into account how fatigued my biceps would be at that point in the workout, overshot a bit and used too much weight. This week, however, I was able to do far more reps with good tight form and a hard squeeze at the top of the movement.

Next week I’ll be adding weight to every one of those exercises. I will walk into the gym, as I always do, knowing that my training support system (mental attitude, diet, rest/recovery) is going to give me everything I need to pull it off.

Someone emailed me yesterday and said I sound like I’m bragging about my recent workouts. You know what, dude? Go away – my updates and this site are not for people like you. If you are mistaking my raw enthusiasm for bragging, then you are either trolling or an overly-negative couch potato. Anyone who has ever trained hard knows exactly how I feel right now. I write these updates with the goal of getting those who read them fired up and inspired. I try to convey my love for training and living healthy in these updates. When I sit down and write, the things I say are honest and pure reflections of how I’m feeling. Now, I admit that I may not be the best writer in the world, but I don’t see how anyone could confuse my genuine passion for this sport as boasting.

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