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Halfway through bulk; Yesterday’s workout; New photo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 by  
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Not counting the supplemental trap workouts that I’ve been doing on Sunday afternoon, there are a total of 52 workouts scheduled for this year’s bulk. I completed my 26th workout yesterday, so I am now precisely at the halfway point of my 2008 bulk! Yesterday was my chest/triceps workout (here’s the actual workout), and it was another incredible training session. I mean, I’ve been “in the zone” before, but this is ridiculous: 26 intense and brutal workouts, each and every one better than the last.

While I’m still not putting up the kind weight that I was throwing around in the second half of my 2006 bulk, I am at least approaching that ballpark. It feels good to be getting back to those kinds of numbers – especially considering that I’m around 30 pounds lighter right now.

So for yesterday’s chest/tricep workout, here are the relative improvements over last week’s workout: +5 pounds on flat bench press, more reps than last week; +10 pounds (per drop) incline dumbbell press (quad drop sets), a few less reps than last week on some of the later drops; +10 pounds dumbbell flyes/bodyweight chest dips (supersets), same reps as last week on flyes, more reps on dips; +5 pounds standing french curls, more reps than last week; +5 pounds (per drop) angled bar tricep pressdowns (quad drop sets), same or more reps than last week on each drop; +5 pounds standing dumbbell extensions/body weight tricep bench dips, more reps than last week on all.

The workouts that I’m doing right now are some of the toughest and most intense I’ve ever done, especially with the very short rest intervals, the quad drop sets and the supersets. My voice is slightly hoarse this morning because I tend to scream and yell to force out the last couple of reps. I workout alone, so I’m obviously not doing this for attention. I know many people find “screamers” annoying at the gym, and I can totally understand that. Just another reason that working out at home is the best choice for me, I guess.

I’ll sign off with a new progress photo that I posted yesterday. Have a great day!

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