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Taking the right attitude into the gym; Poor Loki.

Thursday, November 13, 2008 by  
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Today’s workout is back/biceps/traps (here’s the actual workout), and it marks the start of the second half of my 2008 bulk. This particular workout has proven to be one of the more challenging workouts I’ve come up with, and it’s also been producing some very nice gains for me. The first time I performed this workout (October 30th) I was completely destroyed by the time I finished. Last week when I did the same workout, I rose to the occasion and blew my first performance out of the water (here’s last week’s back/biceps/traps post-workout musings). This week I’ll be adding weight to every single exercise, and I’m going to walk into that gym pissed off and defiant. I’m not being melodramatic: I find that a healthy dose of anger helps quite a bit when I step up to a loaded barbell to deadlift. If you allow yourself to feel intimidated before you lift then it’s already over.

I normally switch my exercises and training techniques around every 4 weeks. But, because this bulk is 13 weeks long, I’ve decided to extended the workouts I’m doing now to 5 weeks, and then finish up the last 4 weeks with all-new routines.

I’ve got to take Loki to the vet this morning because he’s having his teeth cleaned. They have to put him under to do this, so he can’t eat his breakfast this morning. He is absolutely despondent right now. Now he has to watch me eat. I feel so bad for him.

I’d better get my breakfast in me and hit the road. Have a great day!

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