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Life after 40; Yesterday’s workout; New picture.

Friday, November 14, 2008 by  
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I can’t believe it’s already Friday. This week seemed to go by especially fast for some reason. My aching body is ready for a little rest, but first I’ve got one more tough workout to bang out later today (delts/traps/calves).

As many of you know, long, long ago I was a competitive swimmer. The way I’d feel immediately before a race was a mixture of excitement, adrenaline and anticipation. I feel that same brew of emotion each and every time I lift weights. It’s wonderful. Yesterday I realized that perhaps one of the reasons I enjoy lifting so much is because all those feelings bring back memories of my youth. But it’s more than just old memories: I actually feel like I’m still young. And that feeling of youthfulness doesn’t disappear once I leave the gym. I honestly don’t feel any different sitting here now than I did 20 years ago. In fact, I feel better because I’m more confident in myself and I am no longer saddled with teenage angst.

Anyone who says it’s all downhill after 40 is doing it wrong. Life after 40 rocks.

Yesterday’s workout (here’s the actual workout) was a firestorm of intensity. Not only did I increase the weight on every exercise, I slightly shortened my rest intervals to further ratchet up the intensity level. Despite the added weight and (often) additional reps, I finished the workout a full five minutes faster than the same workout last week.

Here are the relative improvements over last week’s back/biceps/traps workout: +10 pounds on my deads/shrugs, same reps as last week; +10 pounds on my cleans/shrugs, more reps than last week; +10 pounds on my low rows/+10 pounds on my DB pullovers (supersets), same reps as last week; +5 pounds on my barbell curls, more reps than last week; +5 pounds on hammer curls (each drop, quad drop sets), more reps than last week on some of the drops, a couple less on a few others; +5 pounds on concentration curls, same reps as last week.

I posted one new picture in my journal last night, something a bit different: BATTLE SCARS.

Happy Friday everyone. Train hard and eat well!

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