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Back injury returns; Great workout, new picture.

Saturday, November 15, 2008 by  
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Bad news. Somehow I blew my back out again last night. The weird thing is I wasn’t even working out when it happened. After yesterday’s workout I went back into the gym to put away all the plates and dumbbells. I picked up a couple of 50-pound dumbbells off the floor, stood up and started walking over to the dumbbell rack. As I walked, there was a sharp, familiar pain in my left lower back, and then it felt like a clamp was being tightened. I cried out, “No! Not this – not now!” as I slowly collapsed to the ground. While I was lying on the cold gym floor blankly staring up at the ceiling, the ramifications of what just happened started sinking in. I almost felt like crying, but that’s not allowed in my gym. 🙂

I forced myself to get up. I popped a couple of Aleve, took a quick shower and then started icing down my lower back. The pain is exactly the same, and in the same place, as it was the last time this happened.

This morning I’m still in a fair amount of pain, but I’m able to walk fully upright and move around. This is a good sign, because the last time this happened I was more or less immobilized for several days. I’m going to rest, Aleve and ice this weekend, and see how things are on Monday. These kinds of things can take weeks to heal, and that’s a prospect that I find extremely difficult to accept right now. I’ll consider myself very lucky if I’m back in the gym with only one week of missed workouts. I very well may extend my bulk as a result of this injury. No way I’m giving up: this is just another hurdle I need to leap. Setbacks are part of life; it’s how we handle those obstacles that sets us apart. I’m more determend than ever.

On a brighter note, yesterday I had an absolutely incredible workout (delts/traps/calves, here’s the actual workout). I added weight to all exercises, and on each exercise manged to match, or came very close to, the same number of reps as last week. I put one new picture in my journal last night: a delts progress photo from the side.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my usual weekly measurements and body fat reading, as well as an update on my injury. Have a great Saturday!

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