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Thanks; Foam rollers; Today’s workout!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 by  
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I want to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions and general words of encouragement regarding the relatively minor back strain/injury I sustained on Friday.

Christy (“J_W”) mentioned my bedding as a possible contributing factor, but my new mattress is superb. For example, when I woke up this morning my back was practically pain free. Only now that I’ve been up and moving around has the pain started to return (but is much improved over yesterday – more on that in a minute). Christy is right, of course: a quality mattress is vital. The mattress I purchased late last year was very expensive but worth every last penny. I spent years sleeping on a crappy mattress, and that was a huge mistake. Only after investing in a good mattress did I realize just how badly my old mattress sucked.

“swedishchef” suggested that I purchase a foam roller. Well, I’d never even heard of such a thing, but did some research this morning. It seems many weight lifters and other athletes swear by these things, including several forum members. Because I believe that my problem is muscular, this inexpensive piece of equipment could be just what I need to avoid future lower back problems. I’ll be purchasing one today, and am really looking forward to trying it out!

So this morning my back is feeling a little better than yesterday. I’m going to proceed with my chest and triceps workout today. I’ll have to be very careful loading the plates onto the bar. Also, I may substitute barbell or smith machine incline press for the incline dumbbell press drop sets so I don’t have to pick up very heavy dumbbells and then kick them into position. Also, I think I’ll do my french curls and DB extensions seated instead of standing. Hopefully I won’t have a problem getting the bar and DB into position.

I really hope I can do my full workout this afternoon; it would be a huge mental boost for me. Missing yesterday’s leg workout was very tough, as that is the first workout I’ve missed on this bulk. Despite the pain in my back, around my usual workout time yesterday I found myself wandering into the gym and starting to rationalize why I should go ahead and lift. I had to force myself to leave the gym. Doing so was not easy.

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