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A few modifications to today’s workout.

Looking over my planned workout for today (back/biceps/traps, here’s the workout), aside from deadlifts and cleans I really don’t see anything in there that should pose a problem for my recovering lower back.

Of course there’s no direct replacement for deads, so I’m just going to have to figure something else out for now. I think I might try some good mornings with as much weight as I can comfortably handle, and maybe some barbell or DB rows.

The low rows/dumbbell pullover supersets should not be a problem.

I think I’ll be able to manage some direct trap work, but I doubt my back is ready to handle power shrugs. I’m thinking some close-grip barbell shrugs, and then maybe some seated dumbbell shrugs.

The bicep portion of my workout won’t be a problem at all.

As for my back, I didn’t even have to take an Aleve yesterday until around mid-day. I was actually thinking at one point yesterday morning that I was going to be able to deadlift today, but around the middle of the day I started hurting again. While I’m definitely still healing, it’s happening pretty quickly; for that I’m extremely thankful.

My breakfast is ready, so I’m going to wrap this up. Catch ya tomorrow!