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Yesterday’s back workout; New photo.

Friday, November 21, 2008 by  
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As I mentioned yesterday, I had to modify my current back/biceps/traps workout a bit thanks to the muscle I pulled last Friday. Not being able to deadlift or clean sucked, but I made the most of it. I decided to start off the workout by hitting my lower back directly with some good mornings. I warmed up slowly: 20 reps with the bar, 12 reps with 65 pounds and 10 reps with 95 pounds. I did three working sets of 12 reps using 135 pounds, which is about all I wanted to throw at my recovering lower back at this point. Considering I was lying on the gym floor in severe pain less than a week ago, I’m totally happy with my speedy recovery.

I wasn’t able to do cleans, so I did barbell rows supersetted with close-grip shrugs. I was able to go very heavy here with no lower back discomfort. I did barbell rows for the first 4 weeks of my bulk, so I looked at my logs and added 10 pounds to what I used the last time I did them. My strength is up a lot, because I was able to do 5 or 6 more reps with the extra weight on every set. I went ahead and tossed in a fourth superset. Hopefully I’ll be able to dead and clean by next Thursday, but if I can’t I’ll probably add another 10-15 pounds to the rows.

I was able to do the remainder of the workout with no changes. Here are the relative improvements over last week’s back/biceps/traps workout: +5 pounds low rows/+5 pounds DB pullovers (supersets), same reps as last week; +5 pounds barbell curls, more reps than last week; +5 pounds hammer curls (each drop, quad drop sets), same reps as last week on some of the drops, a few less on others; +5 pounds concentration curls, less reps as last week.

I posted one new progress picture yesterday, a bicep/lat/delt shot. My arms are back up to 18″ with a bicep pump, and my lats and rear delts have shown some widening/thickening over the past couple of months.

Today is my delts/calves/traps workout, and I expect to be able to do that workout with no modifications at all.

I need to get meal #1 going. Happy Friday – train hard!!

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