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Excellent return to my leg workout!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 by  
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I was able to do my leg workout yesterday 100% as planned – and that includes squats and lunges! Looks like my minor back injury is more or less behind me.

I added 10 pounds to my last squat workout and did the same number of reps as last time (working sets). You may be wondering if I approached the squats with apprehension due to the muscle I pulled in my back a little over a week ago. Definitely not. There is no place for being squeamish when you are lifting. If you are tentative about what you are doing and are not 100% in the game mentally, then you are going to have a sub-par workout and you also stand a pretty good chance of getting re-injured. I’m not saying that after recovering from an injury you should charge into your workout like a rabid animal; you’ve got to be smart about it. Do plenty of warm-up sets and listen to what your body is telling you. That said, when you do make the decision to go heavy, then do it with 100% confidence. I did extra warm-up sets and three acclimation sets to gauge how my back felt. When I finished all those sets and my back still felt fine, I went into my working sets with total confidence and no reservations.

After my squats I added 5 pounds to my leg extensions and 10 pounds to my backyard barbell lunges (supersets). I almost got the same reps as last time, but I wasn’t able to do quite as many reps on the barbell lunges. That extra weight was pushing me to my limits! Also, on the last two sets I started to feel some pain in my lower back on the left side when I lunged with my left leg. The pain wasn’t horrible, so I lunged until my muscles failed and I had no choice but to drop the barbell behind me.

I added 5 pounds on lying leg curls (each drop) but I fell short equaling last week’s reps on the final drop set.

So it was a very successful leg workout! I gave it everything I had. I’m very pleased that I was able to squat. I suspect that I’ll be able to deadlift again on Thursday, too.

Later today I’ve got my chest and triceps workout, and I’m going to make it a great one. This is the last week I’ll be doing these particular workouts (next week I change everything up), so I want to finish up strong!

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