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Yesterday’s workout; Thanksgiving photos.

Friday, November 28, 2008 by  
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Yesterday’s Thanksgiving workout was a bit of a mixed bag: I had a great workout, but I seemed hell-bent on killing myself…

The workout started off great! I did plenty of deadlift warm-up sets and felt no pain at all in my lower back. I added 10 pounds to my heavy working sets and banged out a set of eight with no problem. On the second set of deads, however, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back just as I was pulling the very last rep. I didn’t even try to put the bar down gently: as soon as I felt the pain I just dropped it on the floor. Clearly I didn’t give my pulled muscle enough time to heal. I really thought my back was at 100%, but obviously not. Anyway, my back was hurting but I was still able to complete the entire workout (minus the final set of deads, obviously). I also had to substitute bent over barbell rows for the cleans. Unfortunately I was just getting started with the self-injury…

A bit later in the workout I looked down and noticed blood all over my right hand. I started looking around the gym, and there was blood everywhere: on the plates, the bench, the floor, my shirt, my arms, the dumbbells. Sigh. I have no idea how I even cut my finger or how I didn’t notice sooner. I ran and grabbed a Band-Aid and decided to wait until after my workout to clean all the blood up.

Oh, I’m not done yet…

Lisa was kind enough to retreat to her library so I could blast my music while I trained. She came downstairs for something while I was doing my low cable row/dumbbell pullover supersets, and started watching me lift because she wanted to know what a dumbbell pullover was (I’d described them to her before, noting how difficult it can be getting into position with a heavy dumbbell). Anyway, after performing a great set of low rows, I jumped up with the intention of quickly moving to the bench for the pullovers. The problem was that I forgot there was a loaded barbell in the gunrack above my head. I hit my head so hard that I fell straight on my ass (which didn’t feel too good on my back, either) and was completely dazed. I’m telling you, I saw stars. It REALLY hurt. I sat there for about 10 seconds clearing the cobwebs, but then I got up and grabbed the dumbbell. Of course Lisa was freaking out and telling me to stop. Having never seen a dumbbell pullover, she really lost it when she saw me grab the 90-pound dumbbell in my sweaty hands, position my upper back across the bench and then hoist the DB directly over my still-dazed face. The whole time I’m doing the exercise she’s like “Oh my god, be careful. Please stop! That looks dangerous! You could drop the dumbbell on your face! Are you still dizzy?” I love Lisa, but I’m glad she’s not home for 99% of my workouts. About this time my finger started bleeding again.

Despite all these issues, I really did have a great workout. This morning my back is hurting a bit, but I will still be able to lift today with no problem. I’m going to have to nix the deads and squats for a while, I’m afraid.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving feast yesterday! I put a bunch of pictures with captions up in my 2008 Thanksgiving Photo Album. I hope you like them. 🙂

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